Italian National Research Council (CNR)

Main tasks in the project

InAs and InSb nanowires will be grown by Au-catalysed chemical beam epitaxy, sample characterization by electronic transport, diffraction studies and transmission electron microscopy will be done on-site. Various methods of superconducting contact deposition and different superconducting materials will be investigated by the node.

The High Mobility Molecular Beam Epitaxy facility at IOM-CNR is dedicated to the growth of high purity III/V semiconductors with atomic layer control on compositions and thicknesses. Grown structures range from high mobility two- dimensional electron systems in GaAs/AlGaAs and metamorphic InGaAs/InAlAs heterostructures, to photonic structures and self-assembled nanostructures. The 2DEG growth activities for the current program will focus on InAs surface 2DEGs and in-situ superconducting Al contact deposition, with the transport characterization being performed on-site.


Staff members

Lucia Sorba
Giorgio Biasiol