Cover image by AndQC researchers in Advanced Materials

The latest results of the University of Copenhagen partner of the AndQC consortium are featured on a cover of the June issue of the journal Advanced Materials.

In the June issue of Advanced Materials, Carrad, Bjergfelt, Nygård, Jespersen, and co‐workers from University of Copenhagen present “shadow epitaxy”, a novel method for controlled in situ growth of patterned metal/semiconductor hybrid nanostructures. The method enables exploration of material combinations previously unaccessible for epitaxial hybrid quantum devices. When applied to conventional materials, the bottom‐up patterning significantly improves the electrical stability and reproducibility of quantum devices. The effort on shadow epitaxy is integral to the AndQC project and will be applied to Andreev level qubits.

Read the publication here:
DOI: 10.1002/adma.201908411