Bound states 2023 workshop begins today

The workshop co-organized by the AndQC and TOPSQUAD consortia begins today in Budapest and will feature 29 talks and 27 posters in the next three days.

Today marks the opening of our workshop titled Bound states 2023 with a topical focus on Andreev and Majorana bound states in semiconductor-superconductor hybrid nanodevices.With a successful call for abstracts, the scientific program will include 17 contributed talks and 27 abstracts on display during the workshop. In addition to the nine invited talks already announced, three tutorial talks will address researchers who intend to gain fundamental knowledge on the theoretical modeling, experimental quantum transport or materials science aspects of the bound states physics. These broadly accessible talks will be delivered by renowned experts in the fields:

  • Jens Paaske (University of Copenhagen)
  • Alexander Brinkman (University Twente)
  • Jesper Nygard (University of Copenhagen)

The workshop is jointly organized by the TOPSQUAD and AndQC research consortia and the organizers wish for good scientific exchange and interactions in the upcoming days!